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"What is E-Conveyancing??"

E-Conveyancing? Alliance Conveyancing can Help

Property transactions require real expertise. You deserve real expertise. A home purchase, or sale, or mortgage, in fact, any conveyancing transaction, is one of, if not the, single most important and valuable transactions many people will undertake. Each property dealing potentially involves very complex legal and financial risk.

But, in the right expert hands, with Alliance Conveyancing, this thought of something going wrong can be eliminated, namely in the way it is managed – managed so that the process is not only seamless, and worry-free, but BETTER.

Alliance Conveyancing recognises that the old ways of doing business are under increasing challenge. Standards are becoming higher. Sporting people aim “Higher, Stronger, Faster”. Alliance Conveyancing aims "Faster, Smoother, SMARTER".

We are familiar with the terms "Tele-medicine" and "E-Medicine". We know that the internet will open the ability for us to access, and to share, deeper expertise, in new ways, in an increasingly online world. In the same way, Electronic Conveyancing (or E-Conveyancing) is the future direction for Faster, Cheaper, Smarter conveyancing and property transactions.

The E-Conveyancing solution introduced by Alliance Conveyancing recognises that there are two elements involved: *SERVICE and SKILLED PROCESS

With the E-Conveyancing solution introduced by Alliance Conveyancing:
SERVICE means that you have your own, dedicated, Service Consultant, experienced with property transactions over years, located in an office, conveniently located near to you. He or she will help you with all of the explanations and processes that may apply to your individual matter, to see and help you along every step of your matter. You will find your Service Consultant to be caring, knowledgeable and dedicated to do everything that you might need to help smooth your property dealing. This might be in liaising with your Agent, explaining processes, collecting urgent process documents, such as Council certificates, giving helpful hints. We say “move mountains”, but you get the idea. Your Service Consultant is there for you.

E-Conveyancing? Alliance Conveyancing can Help
E-Conveyancing? Alliance Conveyancing can Help

SKILLED PROCESS means that we gather a centralised team of conveyancing experts. They look after the technical legal and procedural aspects of your transaction. Our expert process team is:
Expertly qualified – either as:

  • Licensed Conveyancer, Expert Solicitor or Senior Conveyancing Administrative Assistant
  • Constantly trained and up-skilled in the latest developments; always learning,
  • Able, seamlessly, to assess and escalate priority within the team when issues arise – issues like:
    • Stamp Duty savings
    • Legal title aspects – like easements, issues on title, vendor disclosures, etc..
    • Less usual property transaction types – like superannuation fund borrowing transactions, trusts, community title, rural properties, etc.
Yet not “standing in the way” where a problem does not really exist.

Every office of Alliance Conveyancing is dynamically connected with every other Alliance Conveyancing office, through:

  • Centralised digital phone system, where each office is “an extension” of every other;
    • Full secure accessibility for each office into the central processing team, and also into the documentary systems
    • Large-screen video conference and document amendment and negotiation facilities between each office, and within the processing team
    • Dynamic client and Agent reporting systems.

E-Conveyancing? Alliance Conveyancing can Help

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